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2 Plead Not Gulty in Dog Attack Case | NBC 7 San Diego

The alleged owners of two pit bulls who attacked a 75-year-old woman were charged Thursday.

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2 SD-Based Ships Fend Off Pirates | NBC 7 San Diego

The carrier group has been working hard while deployed in the Arabian Sea.

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3 Charged in Slain Officer's Death | NBC 7 San Diego

The district attorney's office has filed murder charges in the case of Officer Christopher Wilson.

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4.2 Earthquake Hits the Inland Empire | NBC 7 San Diego

The quake struck 40 miles north of Fallbrook


7th Grader Wins San Diego County Spelling Bee | NBC 7 San Diego

Next stop -- the Scripps National Spelling Bee in DC.

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A Puppy's Battle to Stay Alive | NBC 7 San Diego

She had a rough start, but she seems to be close to the promise land -- a home.

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Are the Police Tracking You With Your Cell? | NBC 7 San Diego

The ACLU wants police to explain how they use information gathered from mobile phones.

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Bad Decade for San Diego Employment | NBC 7 San Diego

San Diego's economy is having hard time producing enough jobs for the unemployed.

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Black Bears Rescued From Defunct Zoo | NBC 7 San Diego

A local sanctuary rescued the bears after an Oklahoma zoo went belly up.

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CHP is Cracking Down on Distracted Drivers | NBC 7 San Diego

It's illegal to use your cell phone while driving and the CHP plans to enforce that rule.

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City Council Approves Black's Beach Deal | NBC 7 San Diego

UCSD is fronting the money despite their own budget woes.

Open uri20121111 24988 xmvd9s article

City Council's New Proposed Budget Cuts | NBC 7 San Diego

Councilman Alvarez says he can shrink the budget without cutting essential services.

Open uri20121111 31482 1ppvqo article

City Official Charged With Sex Crime | NBC 7 San Diego

The city's new "Street Czar" pleaded not guilty to molesting a child.

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Coach Pleads Guilty to Molesting Student | NBC 7 San Diego

He molested the 16-year-old girl during a Halloween party at his home.

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Comic-Con Masquerade 2010 | NBC 7 San Diego

This is not your normal costume party.