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Open uri20121111 28564 10g9nu0 article
San Diego 6

2 Deputies, 1 Man Shot Near El Capitan High School | San Diego 6 ...

A shooting at an apartment complex near El Capitan High School left two deputies and a child molestation suspect wounded.

Open uri20121111 31482 1vhm38c article
San Diego 6

Arsonist Strikes Again at Local Jehovah's Witness Hall | San Diego 6 ...

This is the second time in 10 days that a University Heights Jehovah's Witness hall has been set on fire.

Open uri20121111 24988 1to8hxa article
San Diego 6

Charges Filed in Sweetwater District Public Corruption Case | San ...

The office filed criminal charges against five defendants. If convicted, they face up to 7 years in prison.

Open uri20121111 28564 hhw7a5 article
San Diego 6

Chula Vista Boy Dies While Playing Dangerous Game | San Diego 6 ...

The boy was playing the dangerous game with his friends while watching videos of others doing it online and fell on a drinking glass.

Open uri20121111 24988 sn58oi article
San Diego 6

Hachi & Hikari: Tuesday Adoption Pet 10//2/12 | San Diego 6 ...

These two gentle giants are very mellow and friendly and passed all of their behavior tests with flying colors.

Open uri20121111 28564 1dthly1 article
San Diego 6

Hilltop High School Student Killed in Skateboarding Accident | San ...

Justin Hertzberg, 14, was riding down a steep hill when he lost his balance.

Open uri20121111 31482 1cld136 article
San Diego 6

Lawyers Ask for D.A. Dumanis to be Removed From Sweetwater ...

Attorneys for four of the defendants claim a political ad being run by Dumanis' mayoral campaign is tainting the jury.

Open uri20121111 24988 5cn98d article
San Diego 6

LSU Apologizes for Deleting Fan Crosses From Photo | San Diego 6 ...

The school said they didn't want to offend other students by showing the crosses.

Stringio article
San Diego 6

Mayor Sanders Endorses Councilman Carl DeMaio for Mayor | San ...

The news was officially announced at a press conference on Tuesday. The two have known to be political foes.

Open uri20121111 28564 1kr4wy6 article
San Diego 6

Memorial Fundraiser Held for Anthony Vaeao | San Diego 6 | Local ...

The star football player at Mission Hills High School died, after collapsing during a pick-up basketball game at school.

Open uri20121111 24988 14wrecr article
San Diego 6

North County Firefighters Raise Money for Sandy Victims | San ...

Firefighters from the Vista, Oceanside, Escondido, Camp Pendleton fire departments, fire students, and paramedics will be standing at various intersections collecting money for victims all morning.

Open uri20121111 31482 1rhuc1g article
San Diego 6

San Diego Unified Prepares to Lay Off 1,100+ Employees | San ...

San Diego Unified School District board made the decision to try to close a potential $124 million budget gap.

Open uri20121111 28564 1ax6c3y article
San Diego 6

"The Bookman" - He Shows His Love for San Diego Through Books ...

Irwin Herman's passion for reading has blossomed into a success story.

Open uri20121111 28564 1gznvtx article
San Diego 6

THE IMMORTAL- Michael Jackson's World Tour Hits Los Angeles ...

The late King of Pop's world is unlocked with visuals, dance, and music, the last American show is Tuesday night.